Maestro Quijano


Maestro Quijano, has been involved in the Puerto Rican arts for over 50 years! He apprenticed under his father, uncles and other family members, and friends. Eventually training with other Bomba families as well and some professors who only passed on the knowledge of cocobale to him, with fear that it would die out. Most people in the 1960' s and 1970's were too interested in making a living, or into Asian martial arts, or were moving to the mainland looking for work. Some were not interested in the old ways. Or others got addicted to drugs. Sad, but true facts. 

  Many of the teachers, only knew limited amounts of the techniques and forgot what their own fathers tried to pass on to them. Maestro Quijano was blessed to study and 

be at the right place at the right time. His father's family was well versed and connected to many bomba and plena families. His dad's side of the family, being Afro-Rican, they kept the arts alive. Maestro Quijano, also studied with the late Juan De Dios, Carlos Aldama, etc. Afro-Cubans, more on this later. The connection to these arts, Cuban and Puerto Rican arts is undeniable. 

Maestro Quijano has been on a life time journey, has paid his dues through apprenticeship and is now trying to pass these beautiful arts on to other students who are ready to learn these treasures. Many groups in Cuba and Puerto Rico are now studying with him. He is a humble teacher who does not put himself up on a perch. But has high standards for those who wish to learn from him.